“Good taste is the aristocracy of art ~ The Mother”

Travels often are inspirational and the best one came via a trip to Auroville, which led to the conceptualisation of Rendezvous Cafe, a modern french cafe which creates a melange between french delicacies and artisanal ingredients, inspired by the boho spirit of Auroville. The menu has been curated thoughtfully focusing on Parisian cuisine, which is an amalgamation of all nationalities who have contributed to their menu with a french touch and techniques.
As a verifiable meeting place, the Rendezvous Cafe takes diners on a well-envisioned gastronomic journey, one going beyond geographical boundaries via the sense of sight, taste and smell. One of the significant ideals of Auroville is: Balanced, Harmonious and Dynamic. The menu incorporates all these ideals to produce an experience and not just an enjoyable meal.
The Chef has evoked all the best french flavours by sourcing sustainable produce from Auroville. Heavily inspired by his visit there, he has witnessed the culmination of sustainability and the community green practice which impacts the environment and the produce heavily. Protecting the forest and enhancing the biodiversity around it, the Aurovilleans see it as saving the future of the world. Connecting with nature and the bounty it provides will enable one to understand the aspect of food. The menu has a few recipe inspirations right from the Auroville’s people, who have generously shared their recipes. The dishes themselves are not entirely french but rather franco-Israeli, franco-Lebanese and creole inspired.
Ingredients like artisanal cheeses, hemp flour, single-origin coffee beans and other organic produce are artfully scattered across the menu. Cacao beans, cacao nibs, dark chocolates, pasta, and hemp seeds are all sourced straight from Auroville. With starters consisting of Black Garlic Baguette, Sumac crispies with hummus, entrees like the terrific Israeli Sabich, open dough sandwiches like Tartines followed by the exquisite sweetened trail of artisanal homemade ice creams like cheese cherry pineapple, basil and peach, stracciatella cheese n berry, espresso, nutty honey, lemon meringue to Profiteroles and crepes, one can enjoy the quintessential experience of french culinary culture fused with India.
Emphasising on quality and excellence, the Chef has left no stone unturned in regard to the dishes as well as presentation and ambience. The space of Rendezvous Cafe is intimate, cosy and the ultimate setting for a relaxed vibe. It is not only a space to enjoy a sublime meal but also to create lifelong memories for the patrons.
Creating an unparalleled dining experience, Rendezvous Cafe is the ultimate destination for Kolkatans where one can be coveted by an inimitable French menu and attentive service, with regards to eating more sustainably.


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